2014 Workshops

Yellow Springs, Ohio

Erich Schiffmann

September 5 - 7

Trusting Intuition....

Freedom Style Yoga

This very special workshop with Erich includes his inspiring, signature dharma talks, as well as meditation, asana practice, group discussion and deep relaxation.  He shares his explorations of Freedom Style Yoga as a lifestyle; as a gateway to learning the art of living through channeling your inner Knowing and living a life of creativity, wisdom and joyl

Freedom Style Yoga is about listening inwardly for guidance by sitting quietly in meditation and when practicing asana.  Then the confidence and trust in the wisdom of the intuitive downloads is taken off the mat and into every corner of life.  It is a summoning of the faith and grace to follow your deepest impulses about what feels right and what doesn't. 

While not an inherently strenuous practice, it is advanced.  As you learn to take cues from your inner guidance and move through poses safely and  creatively with moment-to-moment attention to breath and to your body's feeling tone.

Join the magic and joy that happens with this big-hearted yogi comes to Yellow Springs.

For flyer and registration information, please send email via website contact page. 



Lilias Returns!

December 6

The Joy is in the Journey -

A Day of Celebration

Come greet the day in a sacred way with ritual, song and dance. 

Together we will create sacred space, weaving hatha Yoga, the koshas, pranayama, relaxation, breathing and meditation in enjoyably paced classes. 

Come quiet the busy mind, connect with your good friend Sakshin, the Witness Self. 

Take home your Bliss Body Smiling!

Please email for flyer and registration information  via website Contact Page.



2014 Workshops in

Yellow Springs

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May 3 - 7

A 5 Day Workshop with weekend option May 3-4

Judith Hanson Lasater 

'Finding Your Still Point'

Practicing Active Asana, Restorative Poses, Pranayama and Meditation.

Judith's website:


September 5 - 7

Erich Schiffmann

Trusting Intuition...Freedom Style Yoga

Erich's website:  www.erichschiffmann.com


December 6 - Lilias returns to Yellow Springs for another beautiful day of Yoga and so much more. 

Artwork above:  'Ganesha In The Yellow Springs Autumn'.  Original Watercolour by Victor van Kooten.

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